EBD door series explained

To understand how our series work, as a range of door designs 44 and 65 numerically explain the door widths, then for ease, each door is given a simple, clear explanation of what its technical capabilities or attributes are for example EBD 44 SECURITY, EBD 65 FIRE EI. This is all part of our practical and clear approach to helping you find the steel doors you need.

Our steel doors are tailored to meet the wide and diverse needs of your projects. From fire-resistant doors to acoustic performance doors, both the EBD 44 Series and EBD 65 Series are built with the highest standards of quality, compliance, precision and durability.

Series 44

The EBD 44 Series, is a robust hollow sectioned steel doorset featuring an innovative secret-fix interlocked seam. Designed for exceptional performance, the door leaf is customisable with various core materials, ensuring it meets specific requirements such as fire-resistance, acoustic performance, or enhanced security.

Series 65

The latest addition to the EBD door range, the EBD 65 Series door, is designed to provide an increased level of performance. With its thicker leaf and double rebate design, it offers enhanced insulation, improved sealing and sets a new standart in the market.
When fire performance is required, the EBD 65 Fire door provides an integrity and insulation performance (EI) to maximise protection to your property.

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Our doors are tailored to the unique needs of each client, and we provide support at every step of the process.

From fire-resistant steel doors to acoustic, security and escape doors, we provide tailored solutions that are designed to perform.

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