In the world of construction and architectural design for fire safety, the synergy between different components is essential for creating high-quality performance and aesthetically pleasing structures. One such symbiotic relationship exists between EBD Steel Doors and Euro Quality Coatings (EQC), two industry-leading entities that work hand in hand to deliver exceptional results.

Exploring this collaboration and understanding how it benefits the construction industry is explained by Steve Rosher, the Executive Director at EQC, and Hans Schreuder, Managing Director of EBD Steel Doors.

“EBD is setting new standards in steel door manufacturing. EBD is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing high-performance steel doors for various applications. Our doors are known for their exceptional security, fire integrity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. EBD offers a wide range of products, including fire-rated doors, acoustic doors, security doors, and more. These doors are designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern buildings, ensuring safety, security, and energy efficiency,” says Hans Schreuder.

EQC and EBD are not only closely aligned geographically but also hold the same values. Steve Rosher further explains, “Euro Quality Coatings (EQC) elevates the aesthetics and durability of EBD steel doors. EQC specializes in providing surface finishes and coatings for architectural components. EQC are proud of its QUALICOAT accreditation as well as our comprehensive range of coating solutions that enhance the visual appeal, durability, and longevity of metal surfaces. EQC utilizes advanced technologies and techniques to deliver high-quality finishes that protect against corrosion, UV damage, abrasion, and other environmental factors. These elements all help to enhance the finished EBD Steel Door product.”

The collaboration between EBD and EQC creates a symbiotic relationship that adds significant value to the construction industry. When EBD’s meticulously crafted steel doors are combined with EQC’s coatings and superior surface finishes, the results are remarkable.

Offering enhanced aesthetics, EQC’s finishes can transform the appearance of EBD’s steel doors, elevating their visual appeal. With a vast array of colour options and finishes available, coupled with the peace of mind of the QUALICOAT accreditation, architects and designers can achieve their desired aesthetic vision, seamlessly integrating the doors into the overall design scheme of the building.

EQC’s advanced surface finishes provide durability and an additional layer of protection to the EBD steel door ranges, including the new EI steel door. These coatings safeguard the doors against harsh weather conditions, corrosive agents, and wear and tear, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements. The collaboration allows for bespoke options that cater to specific project requirements. EQC work closely with EBD to create custom finishes, ensuring that the doors perfectly complement the building’s fire and security demands, as well as the design and ambiance.

Both EBD and EQC prioritise sustainability within their businesses. Both companies recognise the need to assess manufacturing processes, capital expenditure, and supply chain management from a sustainability perspective. This move has enabled both EBD and EQC to reduce waste, costs, and risks while supporting the environment. 

They have recently installed renewable energy sources (solar panels), which have directly reduced reliance on the grid electricity supply. Both EBD and EQC are future-proofing their businesses and reducing the risk and exposure to energy cost increases. This move benefits the environment while providing a commercial and competitive advantage.

EBD manufactures their doors using environmentally friendly materials, and EQC offers eco-friendly coating solutions. This joint commitment to sustainability aligns with the construction industry’s growing focus on eco-conscious practices. However, sustainability is not just about environmental credentials; it also aligns with both companies’ ISO 14001

The symbiotic relationship between EBD and EQC showcases the power of collaboration in the construction industry. Their partnership creates doors that not only excel in terms of functionality and performance but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of buildings. With their shared commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability, EBD Steel Doors and Euro Quality Coatings are paving the way for innovation and excellence in building materials and architectural design.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, we can expect this committed collaboration to bring forth even more remarkable advancements, contributing to the fire integrity, security and aesthetics within structures worldwide.

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