Compliance Unveiled

Did you know that standard EN 15269-2:2012, known as the Extended Field of Application (EXAP), permits kick plates up to 800mm from the base of the door without additional testing? Despite this allowance, various applications necessitate kick plates and trolley plates reaching heights of 1250mm from the finished floor level, aligning with wall protection applied to the same level.

Understanding EXAP Standards

Exploring the parameters of EN 15269-2:2012 sheds light on the permissible heights for kick plates. With an allowance of 800mm, many installations adhere to this standard without further scrutiny. However, as demands for heightened security and comprehensive protection increase, the need for extended kick plates becomes apparent.

Meeting Height Demands

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to compliance and exceeding expectations. Through rigorous testing and adherence to bi-directional direct test evidence, we’ve extended our kick plate solutions to meet the 1250mm height requirement. This proactive approach ensures that your space not only meets but exceeds industry standards for security and durability.

For unrivalled quality and reliability, choose EBD Steel Doors. Contact us and upgrade your door’s defence and protection today.


Steel door with high kick plates in a data centre
Steel door being tested with 1250mm kick plates

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