We are thrilled to have received updated EN 13501-2 classification reports for our EBD65-FireEI, EBD44-FireE and EBD44-EXT.FireE products. This standard is essential for fire resistance and smoke control classification, ensuring our doors meet the highest safety standards.

Key highlights:

  • EN 13501-2: Focuses on fire resistance and smoke control, classifying performance into categories like E (integrity), I (insulation), and W (radiation).
  • Updated 2023 edition: Our latest reports are based on the most current standard, using modern test evidence from the past 3 years.
  • Continuous investment: We prioritise up-to-date testing and certification, avoiding reliance on outdated reports.

We are delighted to hold these reports to the recently revised 2023 edition of the classification standard, which includes modern test evidence obtained during the last three years.

We continue to invest in testing and certification, and we take pride in using modern test evidence to verify that our products are tested to the most recent versions of the test standards, without relying on historical legacy reports.

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