In the realm of construction and fire safety, a lesser-known aspect revolves around the installation of EI rated steel doorsets. Often, the installation process involves the filling of door frames with wet mortar or concrete. While this meticulous step is crucial for compliance, it raises significant questions regarding the post-installation performance of these doorsets.

The Impact of the Installation Process

In accordance with EN 1634-1: 2014+A1:2018 standards, door frames utilising water-based materials must undergo a 28-day conditioning period before fire testing. This regulation prompts a critical consideration: Do doorsets requiring backfilling guarantee the necessary performance within this essential 28-day span?

EBD’s Innovative Approach

At EBD Steel Doors, we’ve embarked on a mission to transform the industry’s approach. Our innovative EBD 65 Fire EI solution surpasses conventional methods by:

  • Eliminating the need for the time-consuming and messy process of filling door frames with wet mortar or concrete on site.
  • Reducing on-site disruptions and creating a more organised construction environment.
  • Adherence to EN 1634-1: 2014+A1:2018 standards – you can trust that EBD’s doors meet or exceed industry regulations, providing assurance of compliance and peace of mind regarding fire safety requirements.
  • EBD’s factory-fitted solutions removes the 28-day conditioning period required for door frames using water-based materials, accelerating your project timelines.
  • Discarding traditional backfilling is a forward-thinking solution that aligns with modern construction practices, ensuring both compliance and efficiency.

Compliance-Driven Solutions

The need for compliance and performance excellence led us to develop a smarter, compliance-driven solution. By eliminating the traditional backfilling process and integrating factory-fitted solutions, we’ve set a new standard in doorset installation. Our approach not only meets but exceeds the stringent industry requirements, ensuring spaces are safeguarded efficiently and effectively.

In summary, our commitment at EBD Steel Doors goes beyond providing doorsets. We aim to offer a comprehensive, forward-thinking solution that prioritises compliance, efficiency, and performance excellence.

Contact us  today for a more efficient solution for safeguarding spaces without compromising on compliance or performance with the EBD 65 Fire EI door.

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