Our Latest Breakthrough in Fire Resistance

At EBD Steel Doors, our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance drives our relentless pursuit of innovation. We’re excited to share a recent milestone that pushes the boundaries of fire resistance testing within construction practices.

Testing Beyond Limits

We invest significantly in fire resistance testing to EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2018, ensuring our products meet and exceed stringent industry benchmarks. Recently, we extended our testing scope to include an external single door within a 200mm thick, horizontally installed sandwich panel system, complete with supporting steelwork on the internal face.

The objective? Simulating the behaviour of this construction as part of a building’s external envelope. The outcome? A test that not only achieved fire resistance in excess of 60 minutes but also surpassed the Category B overrun requirement of 68 minutes.

Challenges in the Industry

One of the challenges we’ve observed is the limitation of doorsets approved by third-party certification schemes, qualifying only into tested/approved wall types. This narrowing scope poses a growing challenge within the industry.

This test was a significant leap for us—a system test demonstrating our commitment to innovation. While we have existing solutions for doors installed into internal sandwich panel partitions, this marked our first confirmation of achieving 60 minutes of fire resistance despite the presence of supporting steelwork.

Addressing Modern Methods of Construction

Often, building designers lack access to such system solutions, prompting our pursuit to provide direct test evidence. We understand the importance of offering modern solutions that align with evolving construction needs.

The success of this test was bolstered by a combination of primary and secondary steelwork, underscoring the importance of a collaborative approach in achieving exceptional fire resistance.

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re excited about the possibilities it presents for architects, specifiers, and the broader construction community. Contact us today to explore how this milestone can elevate the safety and performance of your projects. 

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