We’re excited to share that our EBD65-FireEI, EBD44-FireE and EBD44-EXT.FireE products boast dual certification! After passing the EN 1634-3 smoke control tests, we can proudly add the Sa4 ambient temperature smoke leakage classification to our existing EI260 fire resistance classification.

What this means:

  • Dual performance: Our doors provide both fire resistance and smoke control, meeting EN 1634-1 (fire resistance) and EN 1634-3 (smoke control) standards.
  • Comprehensive protection: These doors are suitable for single and double leaf doorsets and can include vision panels.
  • Advanced testing: The smoke control test measures air leakage at various pressures, ensuring minimal smoke leakage for enhanced safety.

Interestingly, while no actual smoke is used in the test, it rigorously measures air leakage past the door. We achieved exceptional results, allowing us to produce doors with clear opening heights up to 2950mm.

Did you know that smoke inhalation is a leading cause of fire-related deaths? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoke is often more dangerous than the fire itself.

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