Sa3 or Sa4? Understanding smoke control doors…

In June 2023, updates were made to the fire resistance classification standard (EN 13501-2), including changes to smoke leakage classification. 

Previously, there was controversy surrounding the smoke control testing standard (EN 1634-3), allowing the gap beneath the door to be sealed with impermeable material for testing, potentially misrepresenting real-world behaviour.

We welcome the recent clarity in classification standards, especially regarding smoke leakage at ambient temperature. The latest version of EN 13501-2 introduces two classifications: Sa3 and Sa4. These numbers denote whether the door has been tested with seals on three sides (vertical sides and head) or four sides (including the threshold).

We are pleased to announce that our doorsets have achieved Sa4 classification, demonstrating their smoke control performance without the need for sealing the gap beneath the door. This achievement reflects our commitment to providing confident, transparent solutions for our customers.

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