At EBD Steel Doors, we recognise the paramount importance of safety and reliability within data centres. That’s why we stay clear of Zintec steel for data centre doors. Here’s why:

Zinc Whiskers: A Hidden Hazard

Zinc whiskers, those microscopic filaments that can emerge from electroplated or electrolytically galvanised metals, may appear harmless, but they pose a serious risk. These microscopic strands can cause electrical short circuits in sensitive electronics, presenting a significant risk in environments such as data centres.


Microscopic image of zinc whiskers present in Data Centres

Hot-Dipped vs. Electrolytic Galvanised Steel

When it comes to steel coatings, the method matters. Electrolytic galvanised steel, with its thinner and more uniform zinc layer, is more susceptible to whisker growth, especially under stress or strain. Conversely, hot-dipped galvanised steel, with its thicker and rougher coating, offers a greater resilience against whisker formation, ensuring structural integrity even under pressure.


Why We Avoid Electrolytic Galvanised Steel

  • Fire safety: In the event of high temperatures, the zinc coating of electrolytic galvanised steel can emit toxic fumes.
  • Structural integrity: Under extreme heat conditions, electrolytic galvanised steel may lose its strength faster.
  • Durability: Data centres demand materials that can withstand the test of time without risking degradation.


Risks in Data Centres

  • Environmental conditions: While zinc whiskers may thrive under certain environmental conditions, modern data centres maintain stringent controls, minimising the risk of whisker formation.
  • Physical disturbance: Although rare, disturbances could dislodge whiskers, potentially leading to short circuits.

Our Commitment to Safety

In our pursuit of safety and reliability, we opt for alternative materials such as hot-dipped galvanised or powder-coated steel. This avoids the risk of whisker formation, ensuring the utmost safety for your data centre. 

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